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Welcome to the Tigereyegems.my

Welcome to our gem store heaven, come and view our stunning array of gemstones, from exquisite fine Sapphire pieces to perfectly polished Emerald Cabochons, we have a huge assortment of high grade gems sourced from across the globe, full of vivid colours, fine cuts and fabulous clarity.  We additionally have Natural Star Gemstones with incredible star reflection and amazing drilled or briolette gemstones for those business to business customers whom are looking to create fine jewellery designs.  Perhaps you are a collector of gemstones and are looking for a rare cat’s eye or you are seeking an unusual colour change gemstone, of a remarkable and rare nature boasting an optical effect.  Finally, we have a collection of fancy gems which are unique and bound to suit the elaborate collector.

What is a mineral?

Minerals are the chemical substances that make up rocks.  On our beautiful planet earth, everything that is not living material is made up of one or more minerals.  The Earth itself is one vast mineral collection, from its almost pure iron core to the immense variety of rocks in its crust.  Most minerals are sold and have a well defined chemical composition.  Many also have a predictable and fixed internal structure – their atoms are arranged in a particular way

There are some minerals that people cannot help but find fascinating.  They are so beautiful and rare that, traditionally, they have been reserved for making jewellery or items designed to reflect their wearer’s power. At certain times in history they have even been attributed supernatural qualities.  These minerals are known as gemstones.

Prized objects to collect

People have been collecting minerals for thousands of years. They were the first jewels and were used to make many of the earliest tools.  Even today, minerals and gemstones play an important role in our lives.  They are also fascinating in their own right, a well structured collection can be both beautiful and a great source of knowledge about the world around us.

Most gemstones are true minerals given up from the ground, but a few, such as pearls, are of organic origin.  Gemstones are used in jewellery and most are cut and polished to bring out their best qualities.  They are prized for their durability, beauty and rarity.  The most sought after gemstones are usually the rarest, the fewer three are of a certain type, the more valuable they become.  This is why they have become such great symbols of power.  Durability is another factor that increases their value.  The ability to withstand impacts from other materials without becoming scratched or otherwise damaged is part of their allure.  A gemstone combines rarity, strength and beauty in a single object.

Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

The term ‘precious’ stone is reserved for a few gem species, such as diamond, ruby and topaz.  The majority of gemstones, although equally beautiful, are called semi-precious stones, the different varieties of tourmaline and quartz are particularly prized.  Interest in gemstones has gone through countless highs and lows throughout history: for example, rock crystal, amethyst and jet were highly prized just a hundred years ago but they are now only used for costume jewellery.

There are many things that can affect the value of gemstones, including fashion and the discovery of new deposits.

To be successful in investing in gemstones there are a few things to remember . . .

  • Buy top quality stones in any gem types
  • Buy a well cut stone
  • Stick to the more popular gems.
  • Do not expect to buy and then sell in a few weeks or even months, be patient and watch your market.

Currently the stones that are rising in value include:

Top Quality Sapphire, Orange Spessartine Garnet, all Tourmaline, Tanzanite, Emeralds as well as fancy coloured diamonds and good Mogok rubies. Obviously the more reasonably you can purchase the gem, the more profit to be made.

Reasons to invest in Gemstones:

The world’s supply of natural gemstones is limited as to what already exists. No more can be made, as it takes millions of years to create a gemstone naturally. Many of the large producing mines of the world are already mined out, or nearly so. Although there are new discoveries, even these are limited supplies and will eventually be depleted. As the world’s population increases, so will the demand. Once it was only the elite that owned gemstones, but now everyone wishes to own (and can afford) natural gemstones. As we move into the future, I can only see natural gemstones going up in value. It is now time to start investing in gemstones. Furthermore, the gemstone itself should show good qualities, be well cut and beautiful in its own right, rely on your eyes to see a gems potential. The cut of a gem is one of the main values of a gem.

Buying one of the rarest materials on earth is a step that needs research. To become a good at investing in gemstones it helps to have a love for them. Once you learn a bit and become more knowledgeable, you can make better choices, which brings more joy to each purchase.

When buying large gems – even small increases in size affect the value of a stone by a huge amount – an extra 2 mm in size can jump the price up to far beyond what a 2mm stone is worth on its own.

An option is to buy a rough gemstone and have it well cut to sell. Or buy a faceted gem, well below wholesale market prices.

These gems can then be either resold as gem prices increase, possibly via auction or dealer. Buying gems that are undervalued have a perspective to yield high amounts of cash in a few years’ time if you are willing to wait.

The trading stock can lose all of its value, but a gemstone is a real valuable item, small enough for safe storage. Gems have intrinsic value to withstand years of sitting in a hidden space. No moths or beetles will chew them away. No accountant to sweep them into his own retirement fund with the click of a mouse. The recession has only increased the price of precious gemstones like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tourmaline, high end garnets & diamonds.

At the very least and worst-case scenario Gems increase in value at the rate of inflation.

If you are interested in investing in gemstones, you do not go to the high street stores like Tiffany’s. These have retail pieces have been marked up several times before being laid out for display to capture a client’s heart. Jewelry bought from a high end expensive looking store is for fun and to be enjoyed for the bright lights, glamour, glitz and immaculate salesperson meant to make your experience special , it can be a thrilling experience but don’t expect a high return on your purchase when it comes to reselling.

Our gems are conflict-free. You don’t have to have your investment tainted by is a process that comes at the expense of others. We specialize in Natural Untreated Genuine Gems – Thus retaining higher value. Buying in bulk you will also be a better deal. Ask us for a discount, we can sometimes lower the price on bulk orders. You can have us turn stones you have purchased from us into jewelry.

This elevates your initial investment by 10 fold. At the moment we have the most talented wax carvers making one off special designs for our customers, we just need a photo or sketch and it can be made to the highest of standards and be far more superior and look unique.

Gems have commonly been bought as an investment to shield us against economic unrest and political uproar. They are loved for their beauty, revered for their mystic powers, and highly sought after for their increasing value. Gemstones emerge worldwide as one of the most popular and sought after ways to invest wisely, increasing in value at unheard of rates lately. The value of money or currency fluctuates with time, depending upon the gamble of the political.

Sapphire alone has jumped in price in the last 18 months.

If you are interested in investing in gemstones, but have some more questions, just drop us an email via our contact page, we would love to hear from you.